Other Lightweight Cars 1941 - 1994

M-1 JOHN EVANS - DAVID MOFFAT coach / 2-8 sleeper-buf-obs Budd -41 self propelled - both withdrawn 1942, returned 11-45 (AFE 486) Custom Brass
M-2 BRIGHAM YOUNG - HEBER C. KIMBALL coach / 2-8 sleeper-buf-obs Budd -41 self propelled - both withdrawn 1942, returned 11-45 (AFE 486) Custom Brass
1116 Diner ACF ex UP, purchased as backup on RGZ, AFE 8885 12/1981; retired 10/86 Rivarossi UP Diner
1200-1202   RPO-baggage-express Pull -50 1200 to D&H -67, 1201 & 1202 to ACR in 1974 NKP Car
1210-1212   baggage-express Pull -50 To D&H 10-67 NKP Car
1230-1231   baggage-dorm-coach Pull -50 Rmod w/dormitory section upon delivery NKP Car
1240-1247   coach Pull -50 5 cars To D&H 10-67 and on to Venezuela, 2 cars To PC -70, then Amtrak; scarpped 1975 Union Station Products
1240     Rmod -51 To #100 Wilson McCarthy Palace Car Company OOP
1248-1250   dome-coach-lounge-obs Budd -48 ex-C&O, acquired in -49 Palace Car Company OOP
1248-1250   dome-coach Rmod -53 lounge replaced w/coach seats Palace Car Company OOP
1270 JOHN EVANS (2nd) 5-5-6 sleeper Pull -50 }-All built as 10-6 sleepers Union Station Products
1271 DAVID MOFFAT (2nd) 5-5-6 sleeper Pull -50 } remodeled in 1950-51 to 5-5-6 Union Station Products
1272 BRIGHAM YOUNG (2nd) 5-5-6 sleeper Pull -50 } All To Chihuahua al Pacifico 1968 Union Station Products
1273 HEBER C. KIMBALL (2nd) 5-5-6 sleeper Pull -50 } Union Station Products
1280 MT. TIMPANOGOS (2nd) diner-lounge Pull -50 To D&H 10-67 Saratoga Inn Union Station Products
1281 JAMES PEAK (2nd) diner-lounge Pull -50 To D&H 10-67 Adirondak Inn Union Station Products
1290 CASTLE GATE counter-buffet-lounge Pull -50 To D&H 10-67; on Potomac Eagle scenic train 2006 Palace Car Company OOP
1291 ROYAL GORGE (2nd) counter-buffet-lounge Pull -50 To PRR/PC 10-67, as private car, 2006 Union Station Products
1292 EAGLE CANON (2nd) counter-buffet-lounge Pull -50

To PRR/PC 10-67; on Potomac Eagle scenic train, 2006

Union Station Products

The Pullman-Standard Cars on the Rio Grande

The Pullman-Standard cars on the Rio Grande were NOT ex-C&O cars. They were cars that had originally been ordered by the C&O, but they were cancelled by that road and the order was taken over by the D&RGW. Several modifications to the cars were undertaken by P-S for the D&RGW prior to their delivery, making them quite different than their C&O (and B&O, IC, NYC, NKP, ACL, C&NW, SP) cousins. Notable among these, on the coaches and the sleeping cars was the positioning of the number plates. On the Rio Grande, these plates were centered on the car, on the C&O cars, they were centered over the non-vestibule wheel well. This difference makes the Walthers 52 seat coach and the Lambert coach and 10-6 cars visually incorrect for the D&RGW. Note that two of the cars (EAGLE CANON and ROYAL GORGE) were bought from another order entirely, one that a C&O associated road, the Pere Marquette had issued to Pullman-Standard. These cars look differently with their higher windows, and had a different electrical system. See The Prospector articles on these cars.

(*note - the last column, which contains modeling suggestions for HO contains only one suggestion due to space limitations. Palace Car Company made all of the lightweight cars in brass (except the M1 & M2 sets) and they can be found from time to time. Division Point may be importing them in 2007 in brass.)


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